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Migraines can occur anytime, anywhere and can disrupt even the best of days. The severe, recurring and intense throbbing pain can be unbearable for most individuals. Not every migraine headache is the same. Sometimes what worked for your last migraine, won’t work for the next. Migraine affects 36 million, men, women, and children in the United States. About 18% of American women and 6% of men suffer from this common illness.

The SootheAway system uses thermal heating and cooling pads for migraine headache relief delivering just the right temperature to ease the terrible and often debilitating pain a migraine headache can bringSootheAway users report getting relief from migraine symptoms in as little as 5 minutes with over 75% getting relief within 30 minutes after using SootheAway’s hot cold pads for migraine pain. Adding SootheAway to your toolbox means less pain and more time to do what you want instead of sitting in a dark room cut off from civilization. And since the SootheAway delivers both hot and cold pain relief for your migraine headache, you can adjust the temperature to your own, unique custom level to achieve fast, comfortable relief, unlike messy ice packs and creams or traditional dry heating pads.

Migraines can be unbearable to most, and each person has their own individualized symptoms, issues and healing times. The SootheAway’s unique thermal system allows for a wide range of temperature adjustments via comfortable pads for migraine headache relief. No pain relief system can be individualized like the SootheAway, the hot cold pads for migraine pain can be quickly adjusted at the touch of button. Drug free, side effect free, natural migraine headache relief at the push of a button. Turn off the pain, turn on soothing relief.

  • New Front and Side 5.23.13Front & Side Head Pad
    Ideal for migraine affecting the forehead and temple areas.
  • Occipital Relief Pad
    Ideal for migraine, tension, or stress headache pain affecting the occipital (rear head/neck) region.
  • SootheAway Eye PadEye Relief Pad
    Ideal for migraine, headache or sinus pain behind the eyes
  • New Universal PadUniversal Pad
    Great for localized relief on any area of the body. Comes with Velcro straps for securing in place.

White Paper

Evidence for Thermal Therapy as Primary or Adjunctive Headache Relief.
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Additional Published Evidence: About Migraine Treatment

  • “Many Migraineurs relieve the pain of a migraine with the judicious application of heat or cold. This type of pain abatement is particularly popular with people trying to minimize or avoid prescription medication use, especially among pediatric patients and their families.” – American Chronicle
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  • 80% of Migraine Sufferers responded favorably to cold application to treat migraine headache pain. – “Cold as an adjunctive therapy for headache” study conducted by Seymour Diamond, MD, and Frederick G. Freltag, DO.
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  • “Migraine pain is usually the result of enlarged blood vessels pressing on the surrounding nerves. When you expose this area to cold, it causes the vessels to constrict which reduces the pressure on the nerves and in turn lessens the pain.”
  • “Simultaneous pressure, heat and cold help relieve headache and reduce headache duration.” – Stephen H. Landy, MD, Wesley Headache Clinic.
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Recommended by Experts

  • I was just completely astonished at how much it helped me. I don’t blame anyone for being skeptical, that you are going to slap something on and push a button and your migraine is automatically going to disappear, I mean who is going to believe that. But the fact is that I found relief…and the device allowed me an additional freedom in my life. ….deal with chronic migraines” Shea W.
  • As a long time migraine/headache sufferer, I know the need for using cold and hot therapy. SootheAway delivers on both. Anyone with headache pain should benefit from this machine” – Mark P.
  • It was a pretty severe headache and I was shocked at how much it relieved the pain, even when I took it off” – Jane B.
  • I can’t live without this machine. I have a ventricle shunt and experience migraines from time to time. I have taken all of the meds out there, but none of them get rid of my migraines like this machine.” – Mark B.
  • I recently purchased the SootheAway machine, since my 19 yr. old daughter suffers from migraine headaches. It has seemed to help her and also helps me with headaches and muscle aches.” – Frank B.
  • It was a pretty severe headache and I was shocked at how much it relieved the pain, even when I took it off.” – Jane B.
  • It is nice to have an alternative to drugs, and it is nice to find quicker relief, be able to function, and not be down and out for the whole day” – Debbie H.

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