Pregnancy Migraine

If you’re pregnant, there’s no doubt you may be experiencing new aches and pains. You may also be one of millions of women who experience migraine headaches. Women with a history of migraines may find that they have fewer migraines during pregnancy. For many women, however, they may occur more frequently. Migraines can be influenced by hormonal changes, imbalance of brain chemicals or altered blood flow to the brain. Women who are insecure about taking medications while pregnant are left with limited alternatives for relief. SootheAway represents a drug-free alternative that many OBGYNs and pregnant migraineurs can find ideal for this stage of life, and future.

  • New Front and Side 5.23.13Front & Side Head Pad Ideal for migraine affecting the forehead and temple areas.
  • Occipital Relief Pad Ideal for migraine, tension, or stress headache pain affecting the occipital (rear head/neck) region.
  • SootheAway Eye PadEye Relief Pad Ideal for migraine, headache or sinus pain behind the eyes
  • New Universal PadUniversal Pad Great for localized relief on any area of the body. Comes with Velcro straps for securing in place.
  • Ankle Pad Ideal for swollen ankles or foot discomfort
  • Back/Abdomen Pad Ideal for sore core muscles or back discomfort.

White Paper

Evidence for Thermal Therapy as Primary or Adjunctive Headache Relief. click here for more information.

Additional Published Evidence: About Migraine Treatment

  • “Many Migraineurs relieve the pain of a migraine with the judicious application of heat or cold. This type of pain abatement is particularly popular with people trying to minimize or avoid prescription medication use, especially among pediatric patients and their families.” – American Chronicle click here for more information
  • 80% of Migraine Sufferers responded favorably to cold application to treat migraine headache pain. – “Cold as an adjunctive therapy for headache” study conducted by Seymour Diamond, MD, and Frederick G. Freltag, DO. Click here for more information.
  • “Migraine pain is usually the result of enlarged blood vessels pressing on the surrounding nerves. When you expose this area to cold, it causes the vessels to constrict which reduces the pressure on the nerves and in turn lessens the pain.”
  • “Simultaneous pressure, heat and cold help relieve headache and reduce headache duration.” – Stephen H. Landy, MD, Wesley Headache Clinic. Click here for more information

Recommended by Experts

  • During my pregnancy, knowing that because I didn’t take any medication and wasn’t able to take mediation, this would have been a perfect way to have some relief.” – Cheryl L.
  • There was one time when it was more severe. It was hormonal, and I used the cold, and I cranked to level 7 and that felt really, really great!” – Nicole T.
  • The device was very comfortable for me, I could’ve left it on all day if I needed to, but thankfully it didn’t take that long to feel better.” – Debbie H.

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