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Founded by a world renowned surgeon and  migraine treatment pioneer, Innovative Medical Equipment, LLC(IME) is a team of medical professionals, engineers and manufacturing specialists. IME’s focus is to deliver common sense solutions for both physicians and consumers by leveraging existing technologies and manufacturing techniques. Like SootheAway.

Origin of the SootheAway concept

Over the course of his career, IME’s founder has treated and interviewed thousands of migraine patients.  Patients described the excruciating pain they felt during migraines.  They communicated their daily struggles with migraines, and told stories of opportunities lost at work and how migraines were disrupting the lives of their family members.  These stories left a lasting impression on IME’s founder.  After creating a migraine center that attracts visitors from across the country, IME’s founder turned his attention to other ways he could help the migraine community in addition to the surgical procedures he developed.  While medications were available to migraine sufferers, there was an obvious need to address migraine pain prior to prescription medications taking effect.

IME’s founder created SootheAway to address the needs of migraine sufferers and simplify their treatment during the early stages of migraine.

Visit our website for more information about Innovative Medical Equipment, LLC., or to see other products developed by our team of experts.

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