Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What comes in the main SootheAway package when purchased?

A. When purchasing a SootheAway, the package comes with

  1. One (1) SootheAway Main unit
  2. One (1) AC/DC adapter that fits a standard 120 volt outlet 

Q. How hot and cold does the SootheAway get?

A. SootheAway will reach temperatures as low as 40°F. and as high as 125°F.

Q. Do all of the pads reach the same temperatures for both Heat and Cool?

A. The ultimate temperature of the pads depends on a few factors, including the ambient temperature in the room where the device is operated, the temperature of the skin on which it is place, and the size of the relief pad used.  It is important to note that the temperature in the Heat mode will not exceed 125 degrees.  This maximum temperature is regulated by a safety switch inside the control panel of the device.

Q. Is this product safe to use on all ages?

A. No, SootheAway should not be used on children age 6 and younger.

Q. Which types of electrical outlets can I use to power my SootheAway?

A.  For wall outlets, SootheAway can be powered on using standard grounded 120V North American Receptacle (NEMA5-15R) outlets.  For automobiles, you can use the specially designed SootheAway Car Charger in 12V standard cigarette lighter receptacles.

Insurance Reimbursement Information

Q: Will my insurance company reimburse me for the SootheAway Thermal Therapy System?

A: Every patient’s insurance plan and benefits package is different.  Payers generally reimburse for prescribed services when they consider the service or product to be reasonable and medically necessary.


Q: How can I obtain reimbursement from my insurance company?

A: Since every insurance plan offers different terms and conditions, requests for reimbursement of products, such as the SootheAway Thermal Treatment System, require individual consideration.  A key element of this individual consideration will be a cover letter written by you describing your symptoms and explaining why you and your physician believe the SootheAway Thermal Therapy System should be part of your treatment plan.  To see a detailed list of steps to request reimbursement from your insurance company for the SootheAway Thermal Therapy System, please view the SootheAway Insurance Information page.


Q: What can I do if my insurance plan does not reimbursement me?

A: If after submitting the materials outlined on the SootheAway Insurance Information page, your insurance company sends you an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) that denies reimbursement, you can appeal this initial adverse decision.  Initial adverse decisions are typically made by busy contract administrators and/or Utilization Review Nurses who do not always have the time necessary to consider everyone’s unique healthcare needs.  By re-submitting your claim information with an Appeal Letter (as instructed in Option 3 on the SootheAway Insurance Information page) that specifically requests consideration by a qualified Pain Management Physician, your case will receive personal attention.

Q: What codes are assigned to the SootheAway Thermal Treatment System?

A: We recently received the attached correspondence from Noridian Administrative Services, LLC regarding assigned Healthcare Common Procedural Coding System (HCPCS) codes.  Approved codes assigned for the SootheAway device and accessories include E0217, E0218, E0249, and A9900.  This information is shared for informational and educational purposes only.  At SootheAway, we believe this information to be correct and we respect that coding is the sole responsibility of the provider.

Ordering & Shipping

Q. How do I add or remove items from my purchase order once I’ve submitted the order?

A. You will need to contact our customer support staff at 877.646.1222.  One of our associates can help you with modify your order.


Q. What is your cancellation policy?

A. If an order is placed before 4pm eastern standard time on a given day, cancellation is permitted prior to 4pm that day.  If an order is placed at or after 4pm on a given day, cancellation is permitted prior to 4pm the following day.  You will need to contact our customer support staff at 877.646.1222.


Q. How do I check on the status of my order?

A. You will receive email confirmation when your order is received.  Orders will ship in 1-2 business days (not including holidays).  A confirmation email, including FedEx tracking number or UPS tracking number, will be sent once your order has shipped.  You can track your order at or


Q. Are all of the pads compatible with the main SootheAway unit?

A. Yes, all of the SootheAway pads are compatible with the main unit.

Q. Will there be more pads available in the future for different areas of the body?

A. Yes, other pads are currently being developed.  If you have suggestions for future pads please email us at

Product Registration

Q. What does registering the product do for me?

A. Registering your SootheAway will:

  1. Ensure that all of the product’s warranty is confirmed
  2. Make it easier for our support staff to provide you with assistance quickly and efficiently
  3. Provide notification of future product releases (optional)
  4. Provide notification of new relief pad releases (optional)
  5. Provide discount offers / coupons for additional products and accessories (optional)
  6. Provide notification of any product issues or recalls

Product Trial

Q. Can I try the SootheAway first before I buy it?

A. SootheAway comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you are not satisfied with your experience, we will refund the full amount of your purchase price.


Q. Is there a store where I can buy the SootheAway?

A. No, SootheAway is exclusively sold through our website

Q. Do I receive a discount for buying more than one SootheAway?

A. No discounts are currently available based on volume purchases.  But promotions may be run from time to time.  Sign up for our email mailing list to be alerted to all future promotions.

Q. Can I use Flex-Spending dollars to purchase a SootheAway device and accessories?

A. You may be able to use Flex-Spending dollars when purchasing a SootheAway device and accessories.  Please check with your plan provider to confirm whether or not SootheAway is acceptable under its plan.


Q. What is the return policy on the SootheAway?

A. All SootheAway purchases come with a 30 day money-back guarantee, please see the Returns & Refunds page for details of this guarantee.

Q. What if a pad does not fit correctly on my body?

A. Currently, there are 5 different pads which are specifically designed to fit many parts of the body.  Prior to purchasing a pad, it may be helpful to look at the therapeutic relief pads on this website to see how the pads are applied and what areas of the body they target.  However, if you’re not fully satisfied with a pad you order, you may return it within 30 days of purchase.

Q. How will I know my return request has been processed?

A. You will receive a return receipt confirmation email when your returned product has been received.  Once we have reviewed the returned product and confirmed you have complied with Returns & Refunds, we will refund your purchase and send you return payment confirmation email.


Q. Does it matter what kind of water I use in my SootheAway?

A. Yes, Distilled water is the only liquid you should use in your SootheAway. Tap, filtered, or bottled water has many types of suspended pollutants, microscopic chemicals, toxins and other contaminates which can harm the machine.  Filling the machine with anything but Distilled Water will result in voiding of the warranty on the unit.

Q. What temperature should the water be when I fill my SootheAway?

A. Room temperature is typical, but because of the nature of the heating and cooling device, any temperature of water will be acceptable.

Q. How often do I need to fill the device with Distilled water?

A. You only need to fill the device with Distilled Water during the setup process.  Depending on how many different pads you use, the number of times you fill the device may vary.

1) The first time you use your SootheAway – You will need to fill your device with Distilled water once before you turn it on, then again after the initial supply of water has been pumped into the attached pad and until the water level settles between the Min and Max levels.

2) Each time you use a new pad for the first time – Each time you use a new pad (for the first time only), you will need to refill the device with Distilled water because the water in the reservoir will be pumped into the new pad (which is shipped without water).  Again, you will need to fill the device until the water level settles between the Min and Max levels.

Q.  What if I overfill the device with Distilled water?

A.  If too much water is poured into the device and the water level is above the Max fill line, you can either 1) take a paper towel and absorb the excess water in the reservoir, or 2) tip the device slightly on its side and pour some of the water into a cup or sink.  Before you operate the device, make sure the water level is between the min and max level.


Q. Where is a good place to store the machine?

A. It is recommended that after usage, the machine gets placed back into the original box and stored in a clean area which is kept at room temperature (approximately 72°F). Completely seal the black rubber fill cap before storing to prevent any debris from entering into the machine.  Store the unit flat so the device doesn’t tip over and have the potential to leak.

Q.  Do I have to empty the water from the machine or the pads after use or before storing?

A.  NO.  One of the advantages of the SootheAway unit is that after the initial set-up process, there is no need to constantly be filling the device with Distilled Water before each subsequent use.  The water remains inside the unit and inside the relief pads during storage, therefore making the device ready immediately when you need it next.


Q. How long can I run the machine continuously?

A. The machine has been tested running over 500 hours continuously with no problems.  However, please consult with your physician for the proper standard of care for your particular injury or ailment.

Q. Is it ok for my SootheAway if I go back and forth from HEAT to COOL and from COOL to HEAT?

A. Yes, SootheAway is built to be switched between both therapeutic options (HEAT and COOL).  It will take a few minutes for SootheAway to switch from one therapeutic mode to the next, as the device needs time to standardize the water temperature before switching modes.

Q. Can I use SootheAway in my vehicle?

A. Yes, SootheAway can be used in your car with the specially designed SootheAway AC vehicle adapter.  Using SootheAway with any other type of vehicle adapter will result in a voiding of the warranty.  While a vehicle is in operation, SootheAway can be used by passengers.  Under no circumstances should anyone use SootheAway while driving or operating a vehicle.  Because the vehicle adapter is running off the car’s alternator or battery, the operation of the SootheAway unit is dependent on the type of car and the strength of the battery in that car.  Note: SootheAway was optimized for use with the included AC/ DC Power Supply – therefore the SootheAway unit operating with the auto cord may not yield the exact same temperature levels and efficiency to reach the desired temperature.


Q. Do the pads come with a warranty?

A. All SootheAway pads come with a 90-day warranty.  Consult with your SootheAway instruction manual for a full description of the warranty coverage.

Q. Does the power supply come with a warranty?

A. All components originally shipped with the SootheAway device come with a 90 day warranty.  Consult with the SootheAway instruction manual for a full description of the warranty coverage.

Other Questions / Issues

If there are any questions that are not answered here, please contact us at, or at 877.646.1222

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