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Migraine Headaches

Chronic Headaches

Eye Puffiness

Menstrual Cramps

Migraine Headaches

Post Forehead Surgery

Post-Joint Surgery


Sports Injuries

Stress Headaches




SootheAway® is the first affordable, fast Pain Relief System that provides continuous hot and cold pain relief at the push of a button. The cooling and heating pads of the device soothe all types of acute pain, chronic pain, bruising, swelling or discomfort and offer instant relief to chronic headaches. SootheAway® provides drug-free pain relief at the push of a button. With SootheAway, hot and cold pain relief is delivered directly to the area of pain, swelling, discomfort or bruising. Traditional treatments for acute pain start off too hot or cold and quickly lose their effectiveness as temperatures change. Owning the convenient and comfortable SootheAway pain relief system means achieving therapy at the temperature you want for as long as you need it.

No more mess, no more hassle, no more pain.

SootheAway®: Instant Hot and Cold Acute Pain or Chronic Pain Relief

SootheAway® device uses specially engineered therapeutic heating and cooling pads to treat chronic and acute pain in any part of the body. The device is easy to use and ready when you are.

  • Select and attach the therapy pad that targets your specific area of pain (see Therapeutic Relief Pads section)
  • Place the device on a flat surface (table, desk, night stand, etc.) and plug it in
  • Turn on the device
  • Adjust the temperature (heat or cool) to the level that provides soothing comfort
  • Relax in a comfortable position and apply the pad to the affected area

That’s it. SootheAway® will continue to provide therapeutic pain relief at a consistent temperature while you relax.

How does the SootheAway®: Pain Relief Device work?

SootheAway® administers warm or cold therapy at the optimum temperature for relief by continuously circulating a tranquil flow of water through a therapeutic pad, which has been engineered to target your specific pain area.

After you have selected the temperature level, hot or cold, that provides the best relief for your pain area, the selected pad slightly inflates, creating a combination of compression and temperature that has proven to be effective for pain relief, relaxation and healing. The cooling or heating pads stay on for as long as you need, and your hands remain free the entire time.

SootheAway is frequently used for instant relief for chronic headaches including migraines headaches; cluster headaches, tension headaches and other headaches that can cause acute head pain.

Unlike other hot and cold pain relief options on the market that have to be constantly filled with ice, placed in the freezer, or heated in the microwave, SootheAway uses a Thermo-Electric device to heat and cool the water in the channels of the relief pads. After initial set-up, the device is essentially maintenance-free, and never needs to be refilled with water. Quite simply, it is ready at the push of a button.

SootheAway® Turns Off Acute Pain, Chronic Pain, Bruising, Swelling or Discomfort and Provides Instant Relief for Chronic Headaches

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